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From the scale of its physical presence, on through to the potential for daily ease-of-use efficiency, intuitive flow, and maximization of storage, cabinetry can be a powerhouse cloaked in beauty.  

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Step #1: 

Select A Package

Step 1: Select from one of our flat rate Design Service Packages

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Step# 2:


Step 2: We'll email a questionnaire so we can gather and learn more about your style, needs, and dreams


Our team is mentally invested in your cabinetry Design process. We ask questions, we listen, we bring with us nearly thirty years of combined millwork design, cabinetry making, and home renovation experience. 

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Let's coordinate a Discovery Call. Much can be learned and shared in our first consultation

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Step #4:

Design & Deliver

Your Design drawings are ready. Let's review. Together we make magic. Let'sbuild something beautiful. 

Well Designed Cabinetry Begins Here

Choose Your Cabinetry Design Services Package and Schedule Your Start Date

  • Package #1

    Cabinetry Layout
    Valid for 3 months
    • Preliminary design plan from which a Quote can be based
    • 2D Black and White Design Elevations
    • Based on Measurements Provided
    • Cabinetry for 1 Room
  • Package #2

    Declare the Mood, Set the Scene
    Valid for 3 months
    • Perfect for Exploring Layout and Material Pairings
    • 2D Black & White Design Elevations
    • 3D Color Renderings with Multiple Views
    • Based on Measurements Provided
    • Includes 1 Revision
    • $100 per ea. Additional Revision
  • Package #3

    Develop Your Design Further With Multiple Material Options
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2D Black and White Cabinetry Elevations
    • 3D Color Renderings with Multiple Perspectives
    • Drawings Included for Up to 2 Different Material Pairings
    • Includes Up to 1 Reivision
    • $100 for ea. Additional Revision or Add'l Materials Pairings
    • Package for 1 Room
  • Package #4

    Expand Your Vision with a Custom Mood Board
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2D Black and White Cabinetry Elevations
    • 3D Color Renderings from Multiple Perspectives
    • Custom Mood Board: Cabinetry Pulls, Lighting, Seating, Tile
    • Design for 1 Room
    • Includes 1 Revision
    • $100 per ea. Additional Revision
Select Package


We work with Homeowners, Designers & Architects to fill in the gaps of cabinetry knowledge and consult on aspects of functionality - aspects such as efficiency, door and drawer layout, proper specification and use of weight bearing hardware, and everything between. 


Select A Design Services Package

Early to rise, early to shine. Although typically one of the biggest pieces of a home remodel, for many projects developing a cabinetry plan begins during the late stages of construction. 

In allowing time to develop a cabinetry plan, you open the door to quality, options, and value, and we're here for it. 

Explore our Design Services and select what's right for you -- Simply add to cart and specify when you're ready for us to begin.

Kitchen Grant Gale Lillian 11.02 36_ Hood.jpg
Brown Hadeka 3.12 35.25 tall Floating shelves.jpg


Painting a Picture

You've selected your Design Services package and we're excited to begin!  We'll email a Questionnaire to learn more about your style, functional needs, and accessory wish list.  


Well designed cabinetry is an interactive presence.  We encourage you to consider the subtle ways in which living amidst fine cabinetry can enhance your daily life:



  • Intentional, intuitive layout allows flow without resistance. 


  • Beautiful materials allow a depth of experience.


  • Easy to open, smooth gliding, soft-close doors and drawers offer you a sense of physical ease and comfort with use.


  • State of the art construction methods offer a built-to-last sense of peace.

Gather Info


Design Consultation

We will coordinate a Discovery Call to form a more comprehensive understanding of your project.  In this consultation, we'll gather more information, answer any questions, and continue to develop the cabinetry vision.

We're excited to learn about you, your project, and your remodel hopes and dreams. Much can be shared and learned in our first conversation. 

Kitchen Dentler Segall 3.25 Range El color.jpg
Kitchen Grant Gale Lillian 11.02 Latch open.jpg


Design Development & Delivery

We've put pencil to paper and your drawings are ready! Per your selected Design Package, we will email your drawings and, if desired, coordinate a second Discovery Call -- here, we can answer any questions and discuss details. 

Together, we make magic. Now, let's build something beautiful!

Desgn Dev


Send us your Planner or Architectural Drawings and we'll get started on your Quote.



Not sure how to move forward?

Drop us a line, we're here to help. 

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