A Kinder Commerce

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's likely the notion that our world is in need of more kindness. Kindness to each other, to ourselves, to our planet -- there is so much opportunity for kindness within each day. Yet, it's easy to lose sight of that within the hustle and frenzy of modern living.

Kindness, to ourselves and each other, everyday.

As it came time to launch ArtHouse and Company, we began to explore how kindness can flow from our personal lives into our business. As business owners -- we considered how we can support both our customers and ourselves within the process. As customers -- how can we support small businesses whose products and services we enjoy and value, while also being considerate of the overall well being of the business owners within the process.

Within these relationships there can exist an exchange of kindness, mutual understanding, and appreciation.

From this space of kindness and human connection, Kind Commerce was born.

When we engage in acts of commerce, we experience both a physical and and energetic exchange. I hope that Heather's beautiful representation of Kind Commerce can be a reminder for each of us recognize the humanity within ourselves and others alike.

Friendship in Evolution and Art...

Allow me to introduce you to my most amazing friend, Heather Muellerof Heather Mueller Design (@heatherslettering). Heather and I have been friends since childhood. We became roommates in college, sharing our ever-memorable "first apartment" experience together in a cozy little spot in the heart of Berkeley. Heather and I have always been close. However, after Josh and I relocated from the Bay Area to Southern California, our lives became busy with babies and business and we didn't keep up with each other quite as much.

And then, COVID happened, and space opened up for us to connect with each other at least once a week. Our weekly conversations became an anchor from which I could mark the passing of another week where we were all still here, making our way through whatever this time would be. These check-ins helped each of us keep up our spirits and encourage each other to be present, be hopeful, be faithful, stay on track, give ourselves grace, whatever the day or week called for.

As the months rolled on, it was clear that we weren't just helping each other get through this time. We were lifting each other up, and just as we did when we were kids, accompanying each other on a path of learning and growing simply by being a kindred spirit and friend.

So, as the seeds of Kind Commerce began to grow, it felt only natural to ask Heather if she'd be interested in designing a graphic.

Heather has been an artist all the years I've known her. During our Berkeley apartment college days, she usually had an easel and paints set up in our living room. I watched her create painting after painting from my spot on the couch, reading book after book. As I see the graphic she created for us, I can also see her hands holding a paint brush, creating beauty from mere possibility.

Be sure to check our Heather's Instagram (@heatherslettering) to see more of Heather's awesome explorations in type and design. We love what she had to say about Kind Commerce:

"Kind Commerce is a way of humanizing business, and recognizing that small businesses are run by human beings, who are providing a service while also taking care of the needs of their families and themselves as individuals. Instead of trying to "rush" everything, they suggest this alternative way of doing business which allows the possibility for a healthier and more sustainable path. Business longevity, a business owner's health and wellness, and continued passion, can not only benefit the business Owner, but their Clients as well."

So, twenty + years later, it's quite special for me that Heather's artwork is at the heart of ArtHouse and Company. In our decades of friendship, it's incredible to see how our lives and careers have intersected in this way of reminding people that there is a place for kindness, always.

- In kindness and company,


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