ArtHouse And Company Signature Angled-Upper Cabinets

Inspired by our desire to add visual interest and a distinctive depth of style fo a galley style kitchen, ArtHouse and Company signature angled-upper cabinets elevate the luxury of your space with their presence as highly specialized, carefully crafted works of art.

Ribbon-Like Flow & Extra Storage

Angled-Upper Cabinets offer a graceful ribbon-like flow to your cabinetry design while also allowing for an extra "pop" of storage at the angle vertex. This is the kind of bold yet subtle design innovation we live for!

ArtHouse And Company Renovations

You'll find our Angled-Upper Cabinets in both our Palo Alto and Beach Town Modern renovation projects. The Angled-Upper style lends itself a variety of materials and moods, from earthy and organic to light, bright, and bold.

Art is Home, Home is Art.

ArtHouse And Company's signature Angled-Upper cabinetry will fill your Kitchen with a sense of organic beauty and artistry. Contact us for details or purchase a Materials Sample pack for The Palo Alto cabinetry design, below.

Intentionally Designed, Artfully Crafted

Need help with your Cabinetry Design? Explore our Cabinetry Design Services, here.

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