Creating A Space For Spirit

Even something as ordinary as a closet can be designed in a way that fosters and fuels your child's imagination (and quite possibly, your own!)

The monochromatic palette of our Cityscape cabinetry allow the space to feel playful yet not overstimulating.

We designed the closet to offer a combination of enclosed drawers, open shelves, and hanging space, all designed with accessibility in mind.

Jonah visits this drawer every day. He spends time here, carefully sorting and re-reading his LEGO instruction books. To him, they are stories worthy of returning to over and over again. Here, he fills his well with inspiration and then returns to the living room to build his own creation.

When designing cabinetry for a home, we cannot always predict exactly how each drawer will be used over time. However, Intentional Design keeps a focus on the notion that our design choices can serve as guides which allow our larger visions of Home to unfold.

Top it off with a turntable and some records and let the music play...

Explore our Palo Alto House renovation to view more ways we incorporate child friendly design into our living spaces.

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