Kindness, Love, And Renewal (Or, How ArtHouse And Company Came to Be)

Dear Friends,

Thanks for being here! We're excited to share this story of how ArtHouse And Company came to be...

Two years ago I lost an Aunt so dear to me. In my grief, I connected with a deep and profound love for life. I recognized just how radiant in spirit she was. My Aunt turned out to be an incredible teacher and guide, even though she’d be the last person to think so.

My Aunt believed in celebrating dreams, achievements, and simple moments. Shared laughter, spontaneity, and playfulness at every age. She was very human. Humbled by things that didn’t turn out quite the way she’d planned, finding beauty in possibility and presence. A helper to every and all.

Days with my Aunt felt real, honest, and alive. She brought her whole self into everything. Vulnerabilities and all. She made you feel at ease, welcome, supported, and loved. When you’ve felt lost and tired in a busy world, a person like her can bring you right back home. All of a sudden you can remember what’s in the heart of you and all the ways in which we can lift each other up.

My husband Josh and I founded our first business , Able + Baker Design 11 years ago. We’ve had the privilege to work with many kind and incredible people. We’ve been welcomed into our client’s homes — the homes they create within their four walls. Our clients have invited us to share meals, listen to records, and enjoy conversation. The cabinetry we create becomes a part of each family’s story. We meet as strangers and can become friends, helpers, teachers, and all around good company to each other, for each other.

Two years ago, Josh and I sat in a space newly emptied by loss and began to feel the first inklings of a new life wanting to emerge. We dreamed, sketched, asked each other a lot of “what if’s” and began to pour ourselves into this new space. We confirmed a shared love for helping people bring beauty and ease of functionality into their home. We were guided by a desire to interject more meaning, purpose, and soulfulness into the wide wide world of “home improvement.”

We believe that kindness has a place in commerce.

ArtHouse & Company is not only two years in the making, but a life in the making. It seems only natural for ArtHouse & Co. to be born into the world in this special time, in the spirit of love and renewal. Thanks for being here with us.

In kindness and company,

Jen and Josh

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