The Earthy Beauty of Gro Flowerpots

We are overjoyed to introduce you to Kahler Gro Flowerpots, designed by renowned ceramicist Christian Bruun. Drawing inspiration from the inherent variability of the natural world, Christian designed the flowerpot surface with the potential to appear differently throughout the day, based on the presence of light or shade.

With its distinctive geometric surface, the Gro flowerpot plays with nature, reflecting sun and gathering shade, and with each in turn a new geometry is revealed.

I've always thought plants to be playful as they sway and bend with the wind. My Grandfather used to remind me that plants need movement and exercise too, and the wind gives them that. It seems only fitting that a flowerpot can offer a similar interactive presence with the natural world as it carries within its own beauty an opportunity for light and shadow to reveal itself anew.

Light and shadow become part of the experience.

Artistry In the Making

No two Gro Flowerpots are exactly alike:

  • Each flowerpot is handcrafted, shaped by human hands

  • Each reveals its own subtleties and variation in depth of texture, offering a sense of authenticity and story

  • The finish of each flowerpot is determined by its week-long firing process. Heat distribution within the furnace lends each pot its own finishing charm.

Each Gro Flowerpot is handcrafted, with a firing process that gives each flowerpot its own unique finish.

The earthy presence offers a sense of peacefulness and artistry to your home and garden.

A Family that Grows Together

  • Gro Flowerpots are waterproof and designed for use in much loved indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • The Gro family of flowerpots consists of two tubs and three flowerpots, ranging from approx. 4.5" - 15" in diameter.

A limited batch of Gro Flowerpots are available in our shop. Shop Now, while they're here!

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